A Naturally Blissful Bedtime

A Naturally Blissful Bedtime

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A Naturally Blissful Bedtime

Every parent knows about sleep deprivation. When you’ve got a baby in the house, sleep becomes a thing of the past. And, things don’t get better as your child grows, either. Children see sleep as an inconvenience. So, they do everything possible to resist its allure. If you’re fed up of the bedtime struggle, take action. The good news is, there are things you can do to make the process easier. And, even better, the natural methods are the best. Here’s a list of a few ideas to get you and your little ones into a naturally blissful bedtime routine.


As adults, we come to love the relaxation of a bedtime cup of tea. Children rarely like tea, and if they do, the caffeine fills them with too much energy for sleep. Even so, a hot drink is always a good idea to relax them before bed. To ensure the plan doesn’t backfire, get into the habit of giving them herbal teas instead. Take a little time to find an option they enjoy. You could try some of the already available bedtime drinks, or make a mixture yourself. Either way, this is sure to send them to bed right. It can also signify to their brains that it’s nearly time for sleep. Get into the habit of giving them a hot drink about half an hour before bed. And, don’t forget to make them use the toilet before they go to sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be up in the night for an entirely different reason!


We all know that noise can disrupt us when we’re sleeping. But, did you think about the ways it could help your little ones get to sleep? A luxurious duvet isn’t the only way to soothe them to sleep. Invest in some natural sound CDs, or download an app that plays calming sounds. Noises that always work well are that of rain or crashing waves. These will soothe your children to sleep in the best way possible. Experiment with a few different noises to see which one works best. While providing them with this background noise, make sure to keep all other noise to a minimum. Speak in quiet voices, and keep turn the sound on your television down. If your children think they’re missing out, they’re more likely to get back out of bed!

A Naturally Blissful Bedtime


Though light can be a distraction, many children don’t like to sleep in the complete dark. That’s why it’s important to provide them with a nightlight when they’re going to sleep. Why not buy a soothing sounds lamp which can play them calming sounds and provide them with light? Or, opt for a natural Himalayan salt lamp, which will purify the air as it soothes them to sleep. Bear in mind that it’s best not to leave the light on all night in case it becomes a disruption. Not to mention that it’ll drain a lot of energy that way! Opt for a LED option to save energy. Think, too, about investing in a timed lamp that turns itself off after an hour or so. That way, you don’t have to risk waking your child up while turning the light off.


We all want our rooms to smell nice, don’t we? Even so, many strong smelling products contain chemicals you won’t want your children breathing. Experiment, instead, with aromatherapy. Not only will this make the room smell nice, but it’ll also help to ease them to sleep. All you need to do is find which natural oils are best for sleeping. Scents like lavender always work well, as do sandalwood, chamomile and many others. The best way to use these is to put a few drops on your child’s pillow. That way, the scent will diffuse into the air. It will also be right next to your little one’s nose!


Never underestimate the power of ritual when it comes to getting children in a sleepy mood. You’re already halfway there with your hot drink routine. But, you can take the routine even further. Make an event of getting your children into their pajamas around half an hour before bed. This, like their drinks, will act as a sleep signifier to their brains. It can also help to have a ritual once they are in bed. Reading a story can be the best choice here. Not only is this valuable quality time, but it’s also an excellent way to soothe them straight to sleep!

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