Dealing With Home Exterior Issues: Sometimes It's What's Outside That Counts

Dealing With Home Exterior Issues: Sometimes It’s What’s Outside That Counts

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If the adults in your life were doing their job when you were a kid, they no doubt consoled you when you felt you looked ugly. First of all, they will have told you that you weren’t. And then, even if you insisted that you were, they will have driven the point home. “Look”, they will have said, “you’re beautiful to me. And I’ll tell you something else. Looks don’t matter anyway. It’s what’s inside that counts.”

We know that’s true. All of us can probably name someone who is model-pretty or handsome, but isn’t that nice of a person. It is what’s inside that counts. At least, when it comes to people, it is. When it comes to your home, what’s inside matters. You can’t forego the spring clean. But if the outside is a hot mess, then it’s going to come back to haunt you. One way or another, it will be a problem.

Exterior Issues: Home, Sweet Home

Dealing With Home Exterior Issues: Sometimes It's What's Outside That Counts

Every time you go out somewhere, there is a part of you that wants to return home. It’s your sanctuary, the place where you camp down with your family. Even if you’re at the best party or having a great holiday, the time comes when you yearn for the hearth.

So it’s a bit of a comedown when you pull into the driveway and the house looks like it’s seen better days. Paint is flaking or fading, the bricks are crumbling, or the window frames look a mess.

What Do You Do? Ideally, you avoid these issues happening at all. If you notice them developing, put them right ASAP. In any case, give your home an exterior spruce-up every few years. Repaint, fix any cracks and have the windows looked over once every three years.

Exterior Issues: Dirt And Debris

Winter has its positive side. Hunkering down with the family, evenings in front of the fire, warming meals. It’s really an underrated season. Even the “inclement” weather has its positive side, especially if you live somewhere that gets snow. I mean, that’s downright pretty.

But winter also has a way of kicking up mess that you often don’t notice until the light of spring. Rain isn’t totally clean water. Cars and feet splash up mud, and before too long the front of your house looks filthy.

What Do You Do? As soon as sunnier days and warmer weather kick in, a pressure washer should be deployed to clean the outside of the house. Advice from WashWisely will help you choose the right one. Don’t try this in January! You’ll get wet, and cold, and that’s horrible.

Exterior Issues: Structural Faults

If your home is built to last, then you may never experience this problem. However, slates on a roof can come loose. Mortar can break up, bricks can come loose. Siding can come away and guttering can collapse. Then the health of the house and your family are at risk.

Dealing With Home Exterior Issues: Sometimes It's What's Outside That Counts

What Do You Do? A relatively minor fault like guttering can maybe be dealt with by yourself. For more severe structural issues, or anything involving a ladder, call in an expert. You’ll need to pay, but they know what they’re doing and can do it safely.

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