Foxgroo makes super cute cloth diapers. AIO, AI2, pockets and more! Great to build your diaper stash with!

Foxgroo Diaper Review

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I received this product at no cost to help facilitate my review, however all opinions remain my own. For more information, see my full disclosure policy.

We own a wide variety of cloth diapers – prefolds and covers, all in ones, all in twos, pocket diapers by a lot of different brands. Some of the diapers we consistently reach for are our Foxgroo diapers.

When I heard they were redesigning their diapers I was really excited to see what they had in store; and luckily we got the chance to try them. We recieved 2 diapers to test and 2 to giveaway (more on that later!). We recieved an all in one, all in two, and 2 pocket diapers.

Foxgroo makes super cute cloth diapers. AIO, AI2, pockets and more! Great to build your diaper stash with!

All In One

All in one diapers are exactly what they sound like – a cloth diaper in one piece. No pockets to stuff, no inserts to attach, nothing to fold, just wash and go. These are probably the easiest and most similiar to disposable diapers. Since they are all one piece, they tend to take longer to dry than other diapers. I’ll usually flip mine inside out while drying to solve this. Oddly enough, this is probably the style we have the least of in our diaper collection.

The Foxgroo All In One features 4 adjustable rises with a crossover design allowing you to get a really tight fit for smaller babies. The inside of this diaper is a charcoal gray with two pocket, allowing you to fit additional inserts if you would like.

I actually quite like this diaper. Like I said above, we don’t own many all in ones and that’s because I’m normally not a fan of them – I find that the absorbancy is usually lacking, and as soon as you add another insert into it it becomes to bulky. After washing down the inserts a few times, I didn’t find this to be a problem. The diaper by itself is fairly absorbant, we can get around 2-3 hours with it just by itself on my 21 month old toddler, and about 4-5 hours on my 2 month old (but I do prefer to change her more often then that).

I coudn’t find Foxgroo’s weight recommendation for this diaper, but most all in ones vary between 8-35/40 pounds. And this worked great on both my 30 pound toddler, and 9 pound infant, although the sewn in insert does tend to be a little bulky when the diaper is snapped as small as it can go.

It doesn’t quite make it overnight by itself, but with an added 2-3 inserts it does the trick overnight, although the addition of the inserts does make it way too bulky on my 2 month old to be useable.

Overall,, I love the style of these diapers. The color blocked tabs are super cute (I wish all of their diapers had this cute feature) and the charcoal gray hide stains (not that my babies ever stain their diapers ;)).

Pocket Diaper

Pocket diapers are the majority of our stash. They are diapers that have a pocket where you place inserts inside the pocket area. Most inserts I’ve come across are compatible with most diaper brands, allowing you to customize to your preference of brand, material, size and absorbancy. We actually have a few of Foxgroo’s pocket diapers before their redeisgn and reach for them often.

The pocket diaper only has two snaps to adjust the rise, so it wasn’t as comfortable a fit on my two month old, but in a month or two should work fine; she’s still in newborn size cloth diapers anyways and I don’t expect other one size diapers to fit her yet. Trying a newborn size insert with this pocket diaper makes it a little less bulky on her, but I can’t get the legs snug enough still. Baby girl will just have to wait a little while before comfortably wearing this diaper.

It does get pretty tight, but this has a few snaps to spare still – which we need since we’re at least a year or two away from toilet learning. At the rate he’s going though, we might end up needing diaper tab extenders.

Ultimately we love our Foxgroo diapers, and love their redesign. Their all in one designs means it will fit most babies from infant to toddlerhood through toilet learning. The diapers are now branded and include the Foxgroo logo.

Foxgroo diapers can be purchased on their website . They also frequently hold contests on their facebook page.

Giveaway has ended.

Foxgroo makes super cute cloth diapers. AIO, AI2, pockets and more! Great to build your diaper stash with!

Foxgroo makes super cute cloth diapers. AIO, AI2, pockets and more! Great to build your diaper stash with!


  1. Alexis Cuffy

    I love the Dolphins print!

  2. Melissa A.

    I love the Buzz diaper! So cute!

  3. molli taylor

    i love the dolphin and plane the best but they are all cute

  4. Stella Kissinger

    I love the Buzz and Space prints!

  5. Melissa Stutzman

    Love the zoo print!

  6. wendy browne

    I liked FoxGroo Pocket Diaper,Space with one 4 layers bamboo insert.

  7. Jessica Winkler

    I love the sea world and plane prints! They are both adorable!!

  8. Hollie Baker

    Oh the buzz print!!

  9. Hannah

    I love the Plane and Grapefruit prints.

  10. Corrie Kolbe

    I love April Showers! But I wish they said where the diapers are made…

  11. Danielle B.

    I like the April showers and airplane prints.

  12. Alyssa Alston

    Space unicorn, my pets, April showers.

  13. Brittany M

    So many cute ones! I love the space unicorn print.

  14. hannah

    I really like the Dolphin AiO and the Pocket Plane prints!

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