Going Green the Slow Way

Going Green the Slow Way

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Many of us would love to go green. It’s a fantastic way to contribute to the longevity of the environment and it usually saves us a lot of money. However, it can be difficult saying goodbye to some of those things that we currently rely on, such as our vehicles. Let’s face it; going green is great and all, but there are times when we need the efficiency and speed of something like a car to get us from point A to B. Luckily, going green can be taken slowly and you don’t need to stress over losing your current luxuries. Here are a couple of fantastic ways to go green without sacrificing too much at the beginning.

Going Green the Slow Way

Replacing your car

If you wanted to go green straight away, you would probably get rid of your car and replace it with an electric model or even a bicycle. However, this can be a huge change in your lifestyle and it might be something that isn’t easy to adopt. Electric cars need to be charged and they still use quite a lot of fuel, and bicycles will take a great deal of fitness to use on a regular basis. The alternative is to get a vehicle that sports low emissions, making it not entirely environmentally friendly but most likely a lot better than your current vehicle. You can look for the best brand new Mazda deals if you want a car manufacturer that takes their emissions seriously. You’ll likely have to sell your current car in order to afford a new one, but low-emission cars are usually a lot cheaper and fuel efficient, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Sleep and standby mode

Most devices have some kind of sleep or standby mode. For instance, your computer has a sleep mode that doesn’t completely shut itself down, but still reserves a lot of power and can be woken from sleep a lot faster than starting it up again. However, it still consumes a considerable amount of money to keep these devices in sleep or standby mode and it’s best to turn them off completely and then shut them off at the outlet. This can be detrimental to your financial situation so ideally, you want to simply turn them off. However, it can be a pain starting up an old computer because it takes so long, but here are some ways to get around it. First, you could look at reinstalling Windows or adding a solid state hard drive to your computer. These options will speed up the startup time considerably. Alternatively, you could just turn those devices on and then go do something else like make a cup of coffee to start your day. This will save you a lot on your electricity bill and you’ll be helping the environment.

To conclude, going green doesn’t have to be something you do instantly. Sustainable living is all about sustainable changes, and you can’t expect you and your family to make drastic adjustments to how you live. Take it easy, go slow, and make small adjustments to how you live your life.


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