I Like Big Tubs And I Cannot Lie: Practical and Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas

I Like Big Tubs And I Cannot Lie: Practical and Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas

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I Like Big Tubs And I Cannot Lie: Practical and Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas

When it comes to aesthetics, the bathroom isn’t highest on most people’s home design agenda. The bathroom is often seen as a space for practical use only. But it’s just as important as any other room in your home. It’s used every day and your guests are bound to see it at some point or another. So, it’s time to clean up your bathroom act and give it a bit of a revamp. Here are some ways to make your bathroom beautiful.


Lighting is often sacrificed in bathrooms for the sake of privacy. You don’t want to give old Jimmy, your dear neighbor on the opposite side of the road, a fright as he looks out of his window and sees you washing your unmentionables. But you also don’t want to get ready for the day ahead of you in what could be a bat cave. So how do you reach a compromise? Well, one popular option is frosted glass. This lets natural light in but keeps prying eyes out. However, it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing addition to a home. Alternatively, you can use artificial lighting to your advantage. Spot lighting is discreet, minimalist and sleek and can brighten your bathroom in an instant. Lighting with dimmer switches is great for those who like to relax in the bath in the evenings. If you just prefer natural light in general, you could use lightweight blinds that let a little light through.

I Like Big Tubs And I Cannot Lie: Practical and Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathroom walls have to stand for a lot. Constant damp can wreak havoc with wallpaper and paint. A great option to consider is tiling. Tiled walls are water resistant, can be cleaned easily and look fresh and clean with a simple wipe. They come in all sorts of colours, patterns and textures. So there will always be something out there to suit your taste. Check out Showerwall Blog for some inspiration and bring in a professional to tile your walls for you.


Like walls, the floor in your bathroom is bound to get wet on a fairly regular basis. This is why we would say that carpet is an absolute no-go when it comes to decorating your bathroom. You need a hardy floor that can be wiped clean and won’t endure water damage. Carpets in bathrooms lead to mold and stagnant smells. Wood floors are slightly better, but will often swell and crack over time. Better options are natural stone, marble, vinyl, laminate or ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Luxurious Extras

There are certain things that you could add to your bathroom that aren’t necessary but will make all the difference to your bathroom experiences. Think about it. It’s a cold morning. You’ve dragged yourself from bed early to get ready for work. The cold nips at you as you step onto the tiled floor. You have a nice, hot, steamy shower. What usually happens here? Well, you dread getting out. You don’t want to face the biting cold again. Well, there’s a cure. Heated towel rails. You can step out into a cozy, soft and warm towel. It’s not a necessity. But it definitely is nice. Other options to consider could include underfloor heating, soft bath mats, water jets in your bathtub and overhead showerheads.


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