Immunity Booster Essential Oil Blend for Kids

Immunity Booster Essential Oil Blend for Kids

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Germs are everywhere, the home, the office, the grocery store, kids schools – especially right now. Washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, sleeping well and eating right are all great ways to keep healthy. Give your little ones an advantage with this special immunity booster essential oil blends for kids.

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All three of my children are in school, so I’m constantly aware of all the germs they’re exchanging with other kids and their environment. Adding this little boost into our routine before we go out has been a major day changer for us.

Immunity Booster Essential Oil Blend for Kids


Recipe makes 1 10 mL rollerball at a 1% dilution rate.

Recommended age 6+. Younger kids may be able to use at a higher dilution rate.

Combine essential oils into bottle and add almond oil to the top. Shake to mix.

Roll onto child’s feet, wrists, back of the neck or behind the ears 1-2x per day. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid direct sunlight after use (orange can increase photosensitivity in some)

Need substitutions? Check out the full list of child safe essential oils.

A simple recipe for sure, but it has huge immune boosting power. And right now, we could all use a little more power in our lives.

Did you make this easy immunity booster essential oil blend for kids? How did it work for your family?

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