In Safe Hands: Protect Your Home With These Top Tips

In Safe Hands: Protect Your Home With These Top Tips

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In Safe Hands: Protect Your Home With These Top Tips

Most of the time we go around in a lovely bubble of happiness feeling safe and secure in the little life we have created in the big wide world. And when we’re that happy it’s easy to forget that there are certain amounts of people out there who are just not very nice. Unfortunately, these are the types of people that will think nothing of breaking into your home, stealing your possessions or even taking your car. Here are some safety tips to live by, so you can protect your things in the best way possible. And for family safety tips follow this click.


Thanks to easy installation and affordable prices, it is now wise to have CCTV installed at your home. This alone can often deter thieves from attempting to break in. Cameras can be bought singularly or as a whole package so you can cover all areas of your property. CCTV works best when integrated with burglar alarms, security lights and heavy duty door and window locks. CCTV cameras can be used both indoors and outside. And for the best image quality, go with the highest amount of lines you can afford. Camera resolution in CCTV is measured in lines so always check this before investing.

The Car Key Trick

Most car keys in the US have a key fob, which includes a car panic alert button. So always keep your car keys on your bedside table at night. If you hear a strange noise in the night, you can press the panic button, and it will set off your car’s security system causing the horn to honk and the headlights to flash. This can potentially cause criminals to flee the scene and alert your neighbors that something is wrong. Causing a scene with flashing lights and noise is enough to make a burglar run for the hills. Also if you are walking to your car in the evening, always have your key out and ready to open the door. If you feel you are in trouble, It’s much better to be prepared for a getaway than have to fumble in your bag for the key. The sharp point of the key can also be used as a mini weapon if you are attacked.

Fraudulent Phone Calls

If you receive a call from your bank or credit card company that says they are calling about a potential fraud issue, then hang up the phone. To check if there is a problem, all you need to do is call the number on the back of your credit card. Anyone that asks for information about your credit card while calling you should not be trusted. How on earth do you know they are from the bank?! It’s amazing what fraudsters think they can get away with. But funnily enough, they do get away with it, quite frequently. So remember only to give out info about credit cards if you are the one that has made the phone call.

Home Exterior

Always make sure you have grade 1 or 2 deadbolts and locks on both the windows and exterior doors. A simple door chain just isn’t going to cut the mustard here. And make sure to put lots of noisy gravel around your bottom floor windows. And also don’t grow bushes here. Having an open space around your windows is a deterrent to burglars, as they have nowhere to hide.


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