Join the Kiss Campaign to help say Adios Chagas

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Although the Kissing Bug, might sound cute, it actually carries a deadly disease called Chagas. It comes out at night to bite its victims on the face and can cause destruction of the nervous system and sudden death due to heart failure. It can be passed from family member to family member, and in a small farming village in Bolivia, it is a major health crisis. (For more infomration on Chagas and the lives it impacts click here.)

New Story created the Kiss Campaign to raise awareness and get
campaigns started to fund these families to get them out of their dangerous homes. It’s easy to help.

Gather your families, friends, coworkers or students and commit to a campaign to fund a home for a family in need. By comitting to raise $6,800, you can fund a safe home for a family in need and help to say adios to chagas!

For more information on how to start a campaign see the visit the Kiss Campaign’s website.


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