Keep The Cold Out! Minimize Drafts With These Smart Solutions

Keep The Cold Out! Minimize Drafts With These Smart Solutions

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Drafts are a common issue faced by homeowners, whether they live in a brand new house or one that is centuries old. They occur when a cold current of air enters your property and lowers the temperature. This can stop your home being as warm and comfortable as it should be and could force you to increase your energy consumption. Unfortunately, this can increase your utility bills and cause damage to the environment.

No home can be completely draft free. But there are things you can do to minimize them and make your home more airtight. Take a look at these smart solutions which can keep the cold out and help your family stay warm.

Keep The Cold Out! Minimize Drafts With These Smart Solutions

Cap your chimney

If you have a chimney in your home, cold air can easily make it’s way down the chute and into your home. This could be a primary area where the main drafts in your home occur. So to prevent this from happening, you might want to consider getting your chimney capped. If you don’t use your chimney often, this can be an excellent solution. It will allow more warm air to remain in your home and reduce the amount of draft you experience. Chimney caps should always be installed by a trained professional and not done without the correct skills or equipment. Visit for more information.

Buy or make a door snake

A budget friendly solution to reduce the drafts in your home is by using a door snake. These simple devices are tubed shaped and filled with padding and weights. They can then be placed in front of any doors that have direct access to the outside. This effectively blocks any cold air from entering your property and help you maintain a warm temperature. You can buy door snakes online or from home improvement stores. There’s also the option of making one yourself using the instructions on Whichever you decide to go with, make sure the snake is thick enough to cover the gaps under your doors.

Keep The Cold Out! Minimize Drafts With These Smart Solutions

Check your home’s exterior

It’s vital that you also check your home’s exterior for places where drafts can enter. Look for cracks in the walls and brickwork, particular around your windows and doors. If there are gaps or cracks in these areas you might be able to repair them with a specialist sealant or mortar. But this will depend on how severe the damage is.

If you find cracks or damage across multiple areas of your exterior, you might need to replace the siding or brick work altogether. This can be an expensive improvement to your home. But it will reduce your drafts which can save you money over time. Visit for quotes and information.

With these smart solutions, you can minimize your home’s drafts and lower your utility bills. This will not only give you some extra money to spend or save each month, but it can also help the environment. So if you have an annoying draft in your house, don’t ignore it.

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