Life's Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

Life’s Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

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Life's Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

There are some things in life that we just accept happen.

The common cold – that happens, and we just go with it. We might take the occasional echinacea tablet or vitamin C capsule to strengthen our immune system (which you shouldn’t do, by the way – it doesn’t work) but mostly we accept it happens. We don’t fight it.

The same is true of many other health conditions. We accept that our children will get ear infections; that we will occasionally have anxiety attacks. Our bodies are not finely-tuned instruments but the result of thousands of years of evolution. Of course, they still have some flaws left over, we figure. Sometimes, stuff just happens, and all you can do is roll with it.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to just accept those irritating little issues? That they might actually have a cause?

Don’t worry; I’m not about to start diagnosing you with serious health problems. The reason that these problems and their associated causes fly under the radar is because they are small, seemingly insignificant. We can ignore them because they’re not going to kill us if we do so – and there’s something to that. But if you find one of the irritants below is bothering you more than twice a week, then why not try to fix it? Especially if the answer is incredibly easy to find.

Irritant: Insomnia (i.e. not sleeping well, not sleeping at all)

Possible Problem: EMFs

Life's Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been blamed and then absolved for every condition known to afflict humanity. They are caused by wireless devices and electronics – and remain one of the most controversial topics you can debate. The science has not found any absolute link between EMFs and ill-health, but the evidence of the masses suggests that eliminating them is hugely beneficial.

So where does this dial into you not being able to sleep? The theory goes that EMFs “dial up”; they make us excitable. It’s not like we use the microwave and are then jumping around excitedly; it’s on a cellular level, one we don’t notice until we try to drift off for the evening.

Solution: There are ways and means of combating EMFs if you suspect they may be a problem for you. First, do the usual suggestions if you can’t sleep. Try diffusing essential oils prior to going to bed; lavender is particularly effective for this. Switch your uncomfortable bedding to something more supportive like memory foam mattresses and cotton covers. Try and give yourself time to decompress from the day before sleeping.

If they don’t work, then try an earthing mat or spend more time barefoot outside. Both are theorized to try and help EMFs escape from your body. Even if the result is only a placebo effect, then you’re still sleeping better – so you still benefit!

Irritant: Eczema or skin dermatitis, particularly in children

Life's Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

Possible Problem: Hard water

Hard water is when water has passed through a lot of rocks, leaving heavy mineral deposits in the water. There is a multitude of ways you can find out about the hardness of your water.

The link between hard water and skin conditions is still being researched, but the early evidence is pointing in the direction of a link. It makes sense, too – if these chemicals are allowed to build up on your skin, then it follows that they will cause irritation.

Solution: Use a water softener. A shower head softener is much cheaper than one that softens your entire household water, but the latter is worth investing in if you see good results.

Irritant: Broken and Splitting Nails

There is nothing quite so painful as a nail that bends backwards when you reach for something. Even if it doesn’t break the nail, you immediately want to cut it down to the quick just to prevent it from happening again.

Life's Little Irritants: Unusual Causes of Common Health Complaints

If you have problems keeping your nails long and manicured, or they just appear weak, there are a few reasons it could be happening. The most commonly cited is that you are immersing your hands in water too much and this is weakening the nail bed – and that may be the cause. However, it’s also worth considering‚Ķ

Possible Problem: Vitamin deficiencies, especially of the B vitamin group. B vitamin deficiencies can be difficult to detect, and while not generally problematic, one of the most obvious ways they manifest is in your nail health.

Solution: If this happens to you a lot, then a simple blood test can identify any issues you may have in this area. This is particularly important if you are vegetarian; you are more likely to develop B vitamin deficiencies.


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