Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

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Daddy’s day or father’s day, as it’s more commonly known, is not too far away. That means it’s time to get our thinking caps on as to what to do to make this day as fun and special as it can be. If you are stuck for ideas, keep on reading as I list some good ones below. Feel free to try them all, or just pick and choose the one that suits your family the best.

Breakfast in bed

Number one the list of ways on how to spoil Dad father’s day is to get the kids up and cook him a slap up breakfast. Which you can serve him in bed.

To do this, you will need to make sure that you have all of the ingredients for his favorite breakfast food beforehand. As well as a sturdy tray to carry it up the stairs with.

Why not push the boat out and cook something new like these vegan cinnamon rolls? Or this great breakfast quiche recipe?

Also, don’t forget to include a cup of good coffee, and some orange juice to wash it all down with. Getting the kids to go wake him up just before it’s served as well is a nice touch.


Of course, it’s traditional to give gifts on father’s day, and this is something that the kids can really get into.

You can buy gifts like aftershave, chocolate or socks. Or you can go for something that they can keep for a lifetime. Such as items like these 14k gold chain best sellers. Which make particularly great gifts for a first or significant fathers day.

Or you can go with the things that you and the kids have made at home. Like these shave balms. Or even artwork that the kids have created all on their own.

Time to relax

Once breakfast has been served, and the presents opened, it’s nice to leave dad to have a bit of time to himself to relax. Something that is a precious commodity for anyone with a young family.

To help him do this, you can provide a copy of his favorite newspaper. Then give him an hour in peace in which to read it, before the rest of the day begins.

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

A Day Out With the family

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

Next, it can be a nice touch to go out as a family and spend some quality time together making memories.

Activities like farm tours, amusement parks, and flight displays can all make a good choice for a father’s day trip. As can something themed along the lines of Dad’s hobby or interest. Like a ride on a steam train or a trip to the DIY store.

To make it extra special, and to keep the cost of the whole day down, you can even pack up a picnic with treats like sandwiches, crisps, and cakes. Then you can take a blanket and find a nice sunny spot in which to enjoy it.

Movie Fun

Of course, you don’t have to go out to have fun and make wonderful family memories on father’s day. You can stay at home and do these things as well.

One popular option is to have a special screening of all of Daddy’s favorite movies. Ones that are suitable for the whole family, of course. Then everyone can snuggle up on the sofa with a duvet and watch back to back blockbusters.

You should also include some delicious snacks like popcorn, and even some sweets that the kids have made themselves, to make it extra special.

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

Help with Dad jobs

Now, while it may sound lovely to all relax together, there is something else that you can all do to make father’s day amazing. That is pitching in and helping with the jobs that are usually given to him.

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

That’s right, get those welly boots on and help him mow the garden, pick up leaves, or even do a bit of DIY like painting and decorating. So then he has less to do and some company while he is doing it.

Although, if the kids are helping, do make sure they have protective overall to wear, or they could get in a real mess.

A special dinner

Lastly, why not round the whole day off with a special meal. Again if they are old enough, you can get the kids to help out with preparing it and laying the table.

Make Daddy’s Day Super Special

Or if you are too tired out from all the fun you have been having all day, why not get dad his favorite take away meal instead, and save on the washing up too.


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