5 of the Best Natural Baby Products

5 of the Best Natural Baby Products

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I’ve always loved products on the more natural side, but since getting pregnant and having my own little one, it has become more and more important to me to use natural and safe products in our house hold and with him. Of course, our little man has his own ideas of what he likes and doesn’t that are different than mine (see all the products I thought we’d use but didn’t!), but during our journey, we have come across quite a few items we both agree on!


babymantra 3 in 1 bubble bath - affiliate link

1. Babymantra Bubblebath – We don’t use bubblebath very often (too much soap can dry out a baby’s skin), but when we do, this is the one we turn to. Certified by the Natural Product Association and PETA, Babymantra’s 3 in 1 bubble bath, shampoo and body wash is a great alternative to other baby soap on the market. It is both Vegan and Gluten free, making it suitable for babies with sensitive skin, allergies, or who are just eco conscious. The scent on this product is a wonderful lavender smell, but it is not overpowering. The bubbles don’t last as long as conventional bubble bath, but knowing that this has less synthetic chemicals in it is worth it to me. We will often use the 4Moms Infant Tub(affiliate link) which has constant flowing water, so bubble loss isn’t a problem. You can purchase the bubble bath on Baby Mantra‘s website, at Babies R Us online or in store, or on Amazon(affiliate link).

2. Calmies Natural Teether – A local natural baby product store announced they had this in stock on their facebook page, and a ton of parents went nuts over it. So, of course, I headed down to the store and picked one up for my little bub when he was about 3 months old. Initially he wasn’t very interested in it, but this quickly became a favorite of his when he started grasping and reaching. It is the perfect size for baby hands to grab and move, and the sides have different textures making it interesting to gum. I love it since it’s natural rubber rather than plastic (people with latex allergies are advised to stay away), plus it’s fun to squish! You can purchase Calmies Natural Teether on Amazon (affiliate link).

3. Beautiful Earth Barrier Cream – I first received this in a baby bundle kit at my baby shower. This stuff is thicker than most other diaper creams I’ve used, but it is not a gel, which I liked. A little of this goes a long way; pick up too much and you’ll have a cream mess. I have used in it conjunction with my cloth diapers and had no problems (I mainly use this in between thighs and creases rather than everywhere). I’ve also stolen some and used it on my own skin with great results! Currently, the Beautiful Earth USA site is down, but it is available for purchase on their South African website. Visit BE Beautiful Earth.

4.DockATot – You can read my full review of the DockATot here, but long review short, this is my favorite product for getting baby to sleep. Usable as a standalone bed or a cosleeper, the DockATot is truly an amazing product. Made out of 100% cotton and handsewn, you can rest easy when you’re little one is resting in this. We had some serious sleep issues before we purchased our dock as my little guy would only sleep on top of me, but since we purchased this, he sleeps every night in his dock. You can purchase the DockaTot on their official website with my 10% off discount code (referral link). Amazon.com is now stocking them too with free shipping. Click here to purchase the DockATot deluxe on Amazon. (affiliate link)

5. Burt’s Bees Organic Clothing – Most of my baby clothes actually come from thrift stores, consignment events (Like Just Between Friends) or online consignment (like Swap.com – read my review here) since baby’s grow so fast. When I am in the market for new clothes, I absolutely adore Burt’s Bees Baby, since their clothes are 100% organic cotton, and super cute! I’ll usually try to wait until there on sale, and if possible stack clearance, sales and giftcards I get for completing surveys (free money!) to reduce the cost. Burt’s Bees Clothing is available in store at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and online at Burt’s Bees Babies or Amazon.com (affiliate link).

Any of my favorites also make your list? Did I miss any of your favs? Let me know in the comments below.


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