Splash Jammers Review – Swim Shorts for Toddlers

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With the weather finally warming up, parents and toddlers everywhere are gearing up for swimming and other water activities. Many toddlers however, are right in the middle of potty training. And most commercial pools require the use of a diaper of a swim diaper (sometime two!) in order to use them. But wearing a diaper can be confusing for a potty learning toddler. It’s hard to switch from underwear back to a diaper even if it’s only for the pool. Luckily, Splash jammers are the perfect solution.

I received the following product at no cost to facilitate my review; however all opinions remain my own. For more information, see my full disclosure policy.

Splash Jammers are soft neoprene swim trunks designed to take the place of swim diapers. The shorts site high and snug at the base of the spine, and medical grade silicon on the botton of the legs create a seal ensuring feces stays contained in the shorts. It’s great for toddlers who are potty learning. Being diaper free, but suddenly having to wear a diaper in the pool can be confusing and feel like a step backwards. Splash jammers both look and feel like normal swim shorts, but have the safety of a swim diaper. No more surprise accidents.

Splash Jammmers

My toddler was so excited when he saw these. He’s obsessed with sharks and started screaming ‘sharks mama, sharks mama!’ and wanted to put them on. He was… less excited once we got them on. He’s worn both swim diapers and swim trunks before, however, nothing with snug legs. He hated the legs at first. They weren’t too tight, but definitly snug (as they are made to be!) Luckily enough, once we began playing, his discomfort faded away and it didn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

They work great! No accidents here, even when I watched my toddler squat to poop right in front of me. My little guy is just starting to show interest in the potty, so having shorts that feel less like a diaper is a great transition for him. It’s important to note that these are not designed to hold urine, just feces (as all swim diapers are), so if your toddler is at the start of their potty learning journey, you might want to wait to change them into their trunks until they are at their destination.

Close up of Silicon Seal

Splash Jammers currently come in two patterns, blue sharks and pink flowers, and 2 sizes, 2-3 years and 3-4 years. My 2.5 year old is wearing the blue sharks in size 2-3 years. It’s important to get a good snug fit with these as that’s what keeps the waste contained in the diaper. I highly suggest looking over the sizing chart to ensure you get the right fit.

Splash Jammers are available on Splash About and ship worldwide.

Are you and your kiddos gearing up for summer?

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