The Things You Wish People Told You About Babies Before You Got Pregnant

The Things You Wish People Told You About Babies Before You Got Pregnant

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Having a baby is a wonderful experience that changes your life and your family. For many couples, this is the first step of maturity and adulthood. For women, this is the fulfilment of their femininity. Becoming a mother is not only about decorating Baby’s bedroom and thinking about a name for your little bundle of joy. This is also the beginning of a new life. And, like many new things in life, it is something that you can’t be prepared for until it happens. You can read all the pregnancy and parenthood books you find; they will always forget to mention a few points, and you will be surprised that no other mother told you about them either. So here is for all expecting mothers the top 5 things that I wish I had known.

You Can Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Skinny Jeans

This doesn’t have to be a farewell and never to seen again, but you will find that those skinny that are deliciously low on the waist and tight on the thighs have become incredibly unstretchable. It is completely normal to put on weight during your pregnancy as your body will need to store sufficient nutrients for two, therefore don’t expect to weigh as much post-birth than you did pre-pregnancy. But you will find that it is a weight that is difficult to get rid off. Those centimeters on the thighs can be especially stubborn! You can only turn to fitness exercises for mommies as you only support in the months that follow the birth of your baby.

You Will Know The True Meaning Of Being Tired

Parenting books will insist that babies can sleep up to sixteen to eighteen hours a day. While this can be true, it is very uncommon for newborn to stick to such a comfortable pace. In reality, during the first months you will be lucky if you can gather three or four hours in a day. You may want to invest in one of those espresso machines that can get you fresh all day long. Combined with the natural hormonal unbalance post-birth, many mothers find the first six to eight weeks to be a very difficult time, both emotionally and physically. It’s a tough period but don’t worry: it will pass, and you soon will be your old self with the addition of dark rings under your eyes!

Everyone Wants To Hold Your Baby

Babies are notoriously cute, whether they are or not is not relevant. We, as a species, are programmed to find them irresistibly adorable. During the first months, you will find that many friends and family members are offering to carry your baby. While one knows the weight of a baby, you may wonder why they think they are doing you a favor. They are not: They just want to give in to a natural urge: Feeling a new life beat in their arms. For many holding a baby revert to the psychological need that we have to protect others. Let them carry Baby, and if you are feeling like it, don’t hesitate to show them how to change nappies too. After all, a young mommy certainly deserves a break from time to time!

The Things You Wish People Told You About Babies Before You Got Pregnant

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