Think Before You Flush! Items That Should Never Go Down The Pan

Think Before You Flush! Items That Should Never Go Down The Pan

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Think Before You Flush! Items That Should Never Go Down The Pan

When you are trying to live an ethical lifestyle, there are multiple things you have to stop doing. Sometimes, this can be a hard nut to crack – getting rid of habits you have had for a lifetime. Suddenly you can no longer just pick something up off a shelf; you have got to scrutinize labels, check sourcing and recycle everything.

There is, however, one more habit that you have to break. It’s a simple one, but it’s also one that we’re all guilty of: flushing things you shouldn’t down the toilet. It seems so easy. It’s right there and can whisk away items without a second thought. Sometimes it even seems like the preferable option, especially for things that are less than sanitary.

The problems of flushing the things that shouldn’t be flushed are two-fold. The first is an immediate threat to you and your family: the risk of blocked pipes. Even if you have the likes of on call for any problems, losing water supply even for a short while is an inconvenience. It’s also an expense to rectify, and all for something you could have prevented.

Then there is the environmental issue. Our addiction to high waste is not going anywhere; seas and rivers are full of things that have been flushed that shouldn’t have been. Plastic is already threatening to outnumber fish in the ocean, so it’s time to make a change.

Think Before You Flush! Items That Should Never Go Down The Pan

Do Not Flush: Baby Wipes

Or any other kind of wipe for that matter, such as facial wipes or sanitary wipes. This might seem strange, especially given the kind of things these wipes tangle with as their primary purpose. But they do not dissipate in water the way that toilet paper does, so always dispose of them in waste rather than flushing. If you are already using cloth diapers, then consider going the whole way and making reusable wipes too.

Do Not Flush: Q Tips (or anything containing plastic)

You’re right there using them in the restroom, so why not just flush them away? Of course, the plastic they are made of is the primary concern here. Throw them in the garbage instead.

Do Not Flush: Paper Towels

They’re just enlarged, kitchen-friendly toilet paper, right? Wrong. They are not designed to break down in water – in fact, some are designed to do the exact opposite. If they’re meant to stay strong for cleaning purposes, then how are they going to fall apart if water comes into contact with them?

Do Not Flush: Condoms and Sanitary Products

Even if you are using more natural alternatives for sanitary products, they still shouldn’t be flushed. There’s a reason that most restrooms in public have specific bins for these items, so practice the same policy in your own home.

Do Not Flush: Cat Litter

Even if a cat litter is marketed as being “flushable”, don’t risk it. This is not a protected term and it’s something that any manufacturer can claim without a jot of proof for it. It might be more convenient, but instead separate the litter or you could end up with a nasty blockage.


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