6 Ideas For A Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot

6 Ideas For A Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot

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Pregnancy glow in women is a real thing! This is a time full of change, excitement, and anticipation, making it the perfect opportunity for a maternity photo shoot. Having a beautiful maternity photo shoot is not difficult even for those who are on the shy side.

Your first step is to look for a local professional photographer. If you’re based in Austin, for example, you’ll want to seek a maternity photographer in Austin. The next part of the process is to make this moment your own.

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Here are some ideas to consider including in your photo shoot:

1. Hands On The Belly

If you’re taking these shots with your significant other, each person can bring their hands together to form a heart on the belly. You can mix it up and place hands on hips, pockets, or touching your hair. Be sure to take a few individual shots to showcase the beautiful soon to be mom!

2. Make Your Family A Part Of It

If you have other children, make them a part of your shot. This is the perfect time for candid shots, especially since they won’t want to stand still! Make sure that throughout this entire process you are showing off your baby bump!

You can also take a photo with your partner behind you, holding and looking down at your belly as you smile at them or the camera. Another fun idea is to make your furry babies a part of this special moment. Many couples wish to include their dog or cat, so choose your location wisely.

3. Add Some Props

Browsing Pinterest for some photo shoot ideas is a great way get some inspiration. Let your photographer know if you want to use a specific prop that’s special to you or simply fits your style. Show them an example—but add your own spin to it! The options are endless for props, and it all comes down to personal taste.

4. Keep It Natural

Have fun! Maternity photo shoots don’t have to be intimidating. Keep it light, fun, and natural! After all, the best shots come when you’re not really prepared for them.

We suggest selecting a location that you’re comfortable with. Have your partner there for moral support, to make you laugh, and more importantly, to become a part of your pictures. Another great option is taking your best friend along for some posing advice and to cheer you on during the session.

5. Wear Something Comfortable

While you want to look great, you also want to wear something you feel good and confident in. Wear something that’s both tight and stretchy since you want to be able to see your awesome belly! If you decide to go with a flowy dress, add a belt to accentuate your belly.

If heels were a part of your everyday style before your pregnancy, bring an extra pair of shoes to put on in between takes. Also, who said you can’t have outfit changes? Can’t decide between two dresses? Take them both!

6. Use The Go-To Poses

If you run out of ideas, use these fun go-to poses. We already talked about one pose: the close-up belly one. Aside from this one, here are a few others you can try:

  • Reclining on a couch on your back
  • Older sibling hugging or kissing the belly
  • Hold your older child so that they are sitting on your belly facing you
  • Profile shots are great too!
  • Sitting in a “Zen” pose with legs crossed and arms relaxed while facing the camera

Your photographer will also have some poses to suggest, but having some yourself will allow you to stick with what feels most comfortable.

We hope this guide has served as an inspiration to your maternity photo shoot! These will make great memories when your baby is grown up, and it’s also a moment that you’ll want to remember. With these ideas, you’re sure to have a beautiful, easy shoot. Have fun and congratulations!


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