Comfort and Style - Polar Opposites Or The Best Of Friends?

Comfort and Style – Polar Opposites Or The Best Of Friends?

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It’s all very well having a gorgeous home interior. But if you don’t dare sit down anywhere for fear of messing up your room design you are going to have a few problems. Of course, your home should be stylish, but it also needs to be comfortable too. It needs to be a practical living space that you can get on with your life in, as well as something to show off to the neighbors. So how can we achieve the balance between comfort and style? Read on to find out.

Consider relaxing

So, first of all, you need to ensure that there are some spaces in the house that are designed for relaxing in. In the old days, they use to have a front room for entertaining guests and a back room, where they spent most of their time.

Comfort and Style - Polar Opposites Or The Best Of Friends?

You can use this idea in your home to great effect. Having two rooms in this way means that you can keep one pristine, and ready to welcome people into your home at all times. In there you can put your most stylish knick-knacks and soft furnishes without running the risk of the family wrecking them.

In the back room, you can have a more relaxed attitude to what goes on. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you already have your stylish space. So a few toys or scatter cushions out of place isn’t going to cause you to have a breakdown.

If you don’t have the luxury of two living rooms, a similar effect can be achieved by limited toys and other mess to bedroom spaces.

Consider temperature

Another essential when planning a stylish and comfortable home is that you consider the temperatures you will be dealing with.

For example, if you live in a climate that is hot all of the time, then you will need to pick a decor that reflects this. Light and airy colors in a room, teamed with custom finishes can help it feel like a cool refuge during the heat of the midday sun. You will also need to make sure that you maintain your AC, and you can add other touches like an indoor water fountain to cool the air.

Similarly, if you are living in a cold climate, you will want to ensure that you have double glazing to make it as pleasant as possible. You may also try underfloor heating and extra wall insulation to make your home cost effective as well as warm.

Consider mess and clutter

Another aspect of creating a home that is stylish while retaining comfort is the level of clutter and mess that there is to deal with. Clutter is not relaxing at all. Very few people find it comfortable to be in a room that is jammed to the rafters with random stuff or little knick-knacks.

That is why there should be ample storage for items that do not need to be on display. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that rooms without any personal touches can seem clinical and impersonal too. So it is a matter of balancing your style, and what you are comfortable with.


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