Ditch the Plastic with Rethink Water

Ditch the Plastic with Rethink Water

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I received the following product to help facilitate my review; however all opinions remain my own. For more information, see my full disclosure policy.

When I go out, I’ll usually stick a reusable waterbottle filled with water in my purse or diaper bag. I like always having water on hand, and since I’m pregnant and breastfeeding, it’s become even more important recently.

Sometimes for whatever reason we need to pick up water when we’re on the go. The options that we have for bottled water though, are less than ideal as the majority of water is packaged in plastic. Besides containing potentially harmful chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, producing plastic bottles is resource intensive – with the US alone using an estimated 17 million barrels of oil annually.

A few companies do offer their water for sale in a glass bottle, and when this option is available, it is typically what I go with. Not only is glass more readily recyclable, it is also easier to reuse as a water bottle or other craft. However, now that I have a 1 year old in tow with me wherever I go, glass isn’t very practical.

Luckily, there are companies out there working to solve the plastic water bottle problem, and Rethink Water is one of them.


RETHINK is an environmentally responsible water packaged in a carton made from paperboard, a renewable resource.

The carton is 100% recyclable, although carton recycling is not available in every jurisdiction. Luckily, I do live in a community where curbside carton recycling is available, but if you don’t, or these end up in the trash anyways (because let’s face it…. how many people remember to recycle?), they will degrade much quicker than plastic. The carton is also free from toxins and chemicals, and easily transportable. It fits easily in a purse, diaper or yoga bag without adding too much extra weight. And since it’s paperboard instead of plastic or glass I don’t have to worry about any weird chemicals, or hover over my 1 year old while he drinks since it won’t shatter if it’s dropped. Win-win!

Rethink water is an eco friendly alternative to disposable plastic waterbottles.
Safer than glass for tiny hands! Cap may present choking hazard – always supervise.

Rethink Water is a great alternative to the traditional plastic bottle. Try reaching for one of these when you’re out and about and have the option. Having a party and going to offer water bottles? Try these instead.

Overall we love what Rethink Water is doing. It’s better for the planet and better for our family.

For more information on Rethink Water, visit their website Drink Rethink. Rethink Water can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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