Parenthood: Bonding Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Parenthood: Bonding Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

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Forming a meaningful bond with their baby is all any parent wants. It’s the ultimate goal. And, with it, comes the hope of being the best parents possible. If you’re doing the whole parenting thing for the first time, though, it can be hard to know how to form that bond. Of course, as the mother, you will feel the connection instantly. But, there are ways to make that bond stronger. And, you want it as strong as possible, don’t you? With a little mindful parenting and the help of a few clever techniques, you and your baby can get closer than ever!

Parenthood: Bonding Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

It’s impossible to talk about strong parenting bonds without mention of attachment parenting. This method, first discussed during the second world war, has been ridiculed in the media. Many of us think attachment parenting is for parents who refuse to break contact with their children. Many of us avoid it because it sounds draining and like hard work! But, there’s a lot more to attachment parenting than that. Despite what the media would have us believe, attachment parenting doesn’t mean being in constant contact. All it means is providing emotional support for your child through physical contact. And, none of us can deny that physical contact is good for our kids.

You don’t have to jump feet first into attachment parenting. It’s not for everyone. Even so, it’s worth experimenting with a few techniques. Try something simple like buying a baby carrier instead of using a pushchair next time you go out. If you’ve never looked into baby carriers before, something like these best baby carrier reviews will help you find one that suits. You’ll find that going out and about is much more intimate this way. The distance of a pushchair means that trips out can feel quite detached. The closeness of a baby carrier will allow you and your child to explore the world together. If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea, try keeping your baby out of the pushchair whenever possible. As with any bond, the more experiences you have with your baby, the closer the two of you will be.

It may be hard for first-time parents, but it’s also crucial that you talk to your baby. A lot. If you’ve not spent much time around children, the concept may seem alien. You’ll feel as though you’re talking to yourself a lot of the time. Do it anyway. People don’t make cooing noises at babies for no reason. Though, it can seem like it to the uninitiated. Far from it. Your child relies on you for all their learning in those early stages. The more you talk, the better their understanding will be of language. But, aside from that, it will strengthen your bond no end. Your baby will come to know your voice and associate it with safety. In time, they will come to recognize you. When that time comes, it’ll be your voice they listen out for in the crowd.


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