People Blocks Zoo Animals Review

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We’re always on the lookout for a good toy. My kids have a habit of picking out toys, playing with them for 5 minutes and never going back (and I subsequently get rid of them). So when we find a toy that both kids like and keep them going back to them over and over, we know we have a winner.

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People Blocks are magnetic building blocks for babies and toddlers. Their large size and fun shapes make them perfect for little hands. The Zoo Animals 17 piece set includes block shapes and colors that are inspired by animals and includes a themed play mat.

The set itself is made of sturdy plastic with the magnets being fully incased on the inside. One of my biggest concerns with this toy would be the magnets on the inside (which can be deadly if swallowed), but they are fully encased. My kids have tossed and thrown them several times, and they haven’t opened up. I’ve even purposely tried to open one with my hands to see how sturdy they are, and I haven’t been able too.

My 1.5 year old and 3 year old have both been facinated with these. My younger loves stacking them up and unstacking them. She loves doing this with blocks too, but the magnets add an extra layer of fun. Not only do her towers not fall down, but she can add things on the sides. My three year old loves making animal cars with this set. He’s obsessed with both cars and animals, so this is a match made in heaven. He’s constantly making new animals with them.

I do wish the animal blocks had eyes on both sides of the blocks. As they are now, they are only on one side of the block. It’s a minor complaint, and my kids haven’t actually noticed it, so by no means is it a dealbreaker.

They’ve also figured out they stick to our fridge and dishwasher, leading to a whole other world of play.

Overall we’ve loved these blocks. They’re durable, my kids love them, and most importantly, it’s kept them occupied for hours. It’s a toy they keep coming back to over and over again. We’ve already added the other sets to our wishlist and hope to complete our collection.


You can purchase your own set on Use code BLOGGER10 for 10% off (only applies to purchases from People Toy Co).

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