Relax and unwind with Zen Melodies Binaural beats. Get to sleep easier with sleep aid music!

Relax and Unwind with Zen Melodies

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I received the following product to help facilitate my review; however all opinions remain my own. For more information, see my full disclosure policy.

I have a lot on my plate right now. Currently I work full time out of the home as a social worker, blog part time, take care of house and cooking, have a year old and another on the way. We also moved about a month ago and 50% of our things are still crammed in boxes in the garage waiting to be unpacked. So, to say I’m stressed out is a bit of an understatement. Plus due to fatigue from my pregnancy, I rarely take the time to do anything just for me.

So, I’ve been making it a priority to de-stress and have some me time, and one of the ways I’ve been doing that is with Zen Melodies Brainwave Entrainment Music.

Relax and unwind with Zen Melodies Binaural beats. Get to sleep easier with sleep aid music!

Zen Melodies creates music that guides “your brainwave activity into a desired state by allowing it to follow, to “entrain”, to the frequency of an audio signal.” To achieve such altered states, they use a combination of binaural beats and isochronic tones; and although the conscious mind may not pick up on these, the subconscious mind is able to make sense of the tones. See Zen Melodies’ About page for more information on how this works.

This isn’t to say their music is boring, or just tones of low frequency; their music is a beautiful combination of chimes, nature and instruments that are known for the relaxing properties. Even without the addition of entrainment, the music would still be lovely.

I have been using their Deep Relaxation and Sleep Aid Music.

Serenity System: Deep Relaxation Binaural Beats

The Serenity System is designed to eliminate stress and anxiety and help you to relax. It includes 2 tracks; the main relaxation track which is an hour long, and a 10 minute meditation track. It combines a variety of instruments such as harps and more traditional instruments with binaural beats to help ease the body and mind.

I loved these tracks and found myself reaching for them often. These would be great tracks for someone who has had a long, stressful day at work. I found myself listening to the 10 minute meditation track more often than the full relaxation track since I often don’t have time for the full track, although I would take advantage of the time between Ethan’s bedtime and mine to get in a full session.

After listening, I feel much calmer and relaxed; whatever was stressing me out before doesn’t seem as bad. I find I’m a much better partner, mother and worker. All just by listening to music! I’m adding this to my labor and birth playlist for when baby #2 arrives next year!

To hear a clip from Serenity System click here.

Sleep Aid Music: Binaural Beats for Insomnia

Sleep Aid is designed to help you fall asleep quicker and help you stay asleep allowing you to get a more restful night’s sleep. It combines rhythmic melodies, harps and binaural beats to gently lull you to sleep.

I listen to this right before bedtime every night, and definitely noticed a difference in how quickly I fall asleep. I have the track loaded on my phone so I can easily take the music with me into the bedroom when I’m ready to go to bed. Listening to this allows my mind to relax, and my thoughts slip away.

To hear a clip from Sleep Aid Music click here.

Overall, I found the music helped me to relax, destress and sleep easier. They encouraged me to take a little ‘me’ time, close my eyes, relax and unwind, something that I very much need.

Zen Melodies makes a variety of collections, including relaxation, sleep aid, meditation, migraine relief and more! They are available as a download or as a CD.

Want to try out Zen Melodies’ music yourself? For more information or to purchase, visit Zen Melodies.


  1. Lynne B

    I love this kinds of music! I have several CD’s by Steven Halpern that are similar, including a sleeping one. They are indeed very calming.

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